Our Story

Criss Cross Racing is a Competitive Dogsled Racing Team from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Owned by Julia Cross, an 18 year old dog musher. Julia has been running dogs since she was 5 years old. She started by just taking dogsled rides from a local dogsled kennel. In 2013 she went to her first dogsled race (The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon) and was forever hooked. She ran her first race the following year. It has been non stop since then, having run over a dozen races . She got her first sled dogs in 2015. In 2017 she was given Jitterbug, and everything sparked from there.  Julia not only competes in dog mushing, but also is an active dog trainer in a variety of sports with her sled dogs, including agility, musical freestyle, rally obedience, and disc. She also competes in dryland races with the dogs. 

Her focus in every race is to have fun and finish with happy healthy dogs. Her goal in every race has allowed her to receive both the best kept team award and the sportsmanship award in multiple different races. 

She is currently attending university to become a veterinarian, and further devote her life to animals.

Race History
  • 2021 Dryden K9 Dog Derby 1st Place

  • 2020 Dryden K9 Dog Derby 1st and 2nd place (two Criss Cross Racing teams entered)

  • 2020 Junior Iditarod Sportsmanship Award

  • 2020 Junior Iditarod Blue Harness Award

  • 2020 Junior Iditarod 2nd Place

  • 2020 Nome Sign 10 miler 1st place

  • 2020 John Beargrease Cub Run (4 Criss Cross Racing teams entered) - 2nd place (Elliot Wheatley), two teams tied for third (Hannah Wheatley, Audrey Diehl), 7th place (Aubrey Juckette)

  • 2019 Bristol Dryland Womens Jr Bikejor 1st Place

  • 2019 Bristol Dryland Womens Jr Canicross 12th Place

  • 2019 Beargrease Mid Distance 8th Place

  • 2019 Junior Beargrease First Place

  • 2019 Beargrease Mid Distance Best Kept Team Award

  • 2019 Beargrease Mid Distance Rookie of the Year Award

  • 2019 Gunflint Mail Run 6th Place

  • 2019 Dog Days of Winter 5 miler 1st Place

  • 2018 Beargrease Mid Distance Sportsmanship Award

  • 2017 Junior Beargrease 2nd Place

  • 2017 Mid Minnesota 8th Place

  • 2016 Junior Beargrease 1st Place

  • 2016 Doug Harris Memorial Race 6th Place

  • 2015 Dog Days of Winter 5 miler 1st Place

  • 2015 Beargrease Cub Run 8th Place

  • 2014 Beargrease Cub Run 5th Place