The Main Crew

Jitterbug is one of my main leaders. She was the first puppy I ever raised. She was on my 2019 Beargrease team. She also competes in agility and musical freestyle.
Journey is one of the rising stars in the kennel. She came from Ryan Redington and is a larger sized female. She is a super smart girl, and is already leading small teams. Sponsored by Lois Stinson Watson!!
Brooks is the newest dog in the kennel. I brought him home from Alaska after the Junior Iditarod. He is from Raymie Redington, and is a dog out of the famous stud dog, Bison. In his yearling season he ran lead almost every run and is quickly shaping up to be one of my main leaders. Sponsored by the Duke Richards Family
Koa and her twin sister Kate were my first sled dogs. They are now 12, and still enjoy short runs and getting belly rubs.
Kate and her twin sister Koa were my first sled dogs. They are both 12. Kate has a spinal disease that affects her running ability, but she still enjoys going on short fun runs. She is one of my education dogs. I bring her to classrooms and she loves meeting all the kids and getting all the love!
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